In what situations can khulaʾ divorce take place and how?

The khulaʾ divorce is not valid unless the woman hates her tie of marriage with her husband in such a way that her hatred leads her to not fulfilling her conjugal duties. Simply not liking him without reaching such a level of resentment does not suffice for bringing about the divorce by khulaʾ. When all conditions are met, the woman can start the divorce formula by saying "khālaʾtuka ʿalā..." (I form a khulaʾ divorce for the amount of...), and she states the amount of money that she is willing to give him. The husband says afterwards with his intention of accepting the khulaʾ divorce, "Radhītu bi-dhālik" (I accept that). If she does not hate him to the level of refusing his marital rights, the khulaʾ divorce cannot be established, and the normal revocable divorce can take place then, which does not become irrevocable unless the waiting period is completed.