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Shaving & Beard
Q [1]  Is it permissible for females to use razor blades to shave their body hair?
Yes, it is permissible.
Q [2]  Is it compulsory to grow a beard in Islam? Did any of our 12 Imams emphasize on growing a beard?
It is prohibited to shave the beard, and there are narrations from the Ahlul-Bayt (peace be upon them) that state this.
Q [3]  What does Islamic Sharia say about the beard and about its length?
It is obligatory to leave a small amount of hair in such a way that the person is regarded as having beard. Other than that it is not mandatory.
Q [4]  What is your opinion in regards to shaving the sides of the beard?
It is permissible.
Q [5]  Can a man shave his mustache and beard? Is your ruling based on Ihtiyaat - precaution?
It is not permissible to shave the beard as a verdict and not as a precaution. It is not permissible to follow others as long as the ruling is a verdict and not a precaution. It is permissible to shave the mustache and it is sufficient to leave a little bit of hair as a beard.
Q [6]  If a person shaves off his beard daily to be known at his office as a liberal person in religious matters with intention to get promoted and to advance in his career, is it a sin?
It is prohibited to do so.
Q [7]  Is it permissible to have a long beard? And at what length should you stop growing it?
It is allowed to have a long beard. It is not recommended to have it longer than the length of a hand fist.
Q [8]  Is it permissible for teenagers and adults to have a long beard within one’s fist, or is it only for major scholars?
Yes, it is permissible.
Q [9]  Can visible stubble on one’s face be consider as a beard? Is it permissible to keep such stubble and not letting the hair grow any longer?
We cannot determine whether the said length of hair suffices for it to be considered a beard in the conventional sense. It is convention that will determine what a beard is. Apparently the length of the lowest level of the trimming machine does not satisfy the minimum length of a beard.
Q [10]  Is it permissible to keep a style of beard known as a goatee, where the beard is shaved except the part on the chin?
It is permissible.

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