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Q [1]  Is Muddy water or water containing sugar and salt sufficient for making oneself Tahir from Najasah?
It is possible to purify with water if the percentage of salt, sugar and mud in it is so low that it is still conventionally called water.
Q [2]  I was told that one must remove the najis part from an impure object in order to make it tahir again. Is this true?
In order to restore the taharah of a najis object with water, the actual najasah, e.g. semen, has to be removed.
Q [3]  I have read that for making the hand tahir by qaleel water, it is necessary to pour the water on the hand, and when the water flows off the hand the hand will become tahir. Does this apply to all body parts as well as the penis? What if the najasah is urine?
Yes, the separation of water from the najis object is a condition in the process of purification if the water used is little (qaleel). This ruling is the same for all parts of the body, including the penis.
If the najasah is urine then one needs to purify the najis object twice when little water is used.
Q [4]  If the body has become Najis through urine, is it sufficient to purify it once by using water connected to a large source (e.g. water-tap), if while washing the Najasah is being removed?
Yes, it is sufficient.
Q [5]  If the body has become Najis through urine, is it enough to purify it once by using Kurr water, if while washing the Najasah is being removed?
Yes, it is enough to do so.
Q [6]  When purifying something from urine, is it necessary to pour water twice with under-kurr water? Would it be sufficient to pour water once for a longer period continuously?
One must repeat the washing in order to purify a place from urine. It is not sufficient to wash once for an elongated time.
Q [7]  When purifying an object which has become najis due to something other than urine and under-kurr water is used, such as from a pitcher, is it sufficient to just pour water on the object once?
Yes, it is sufficient to pour that water once to make it tahir, and it is necessary to pour the water twice if it became najis with urine.
Q [8]  What is the ruling of the under-Kurr water which is poured over a najis thing to wash it after the essential najasat has been removed?
It is considered to be najis.
Q [9]  If something is being purified from urine using under-kurr water, is the water that flows away from it najis or tahir in the first and second washings?
The water that flows from the object being washed will be najis, whether it is the first washing or the second.
Q [10]  What is the ruling concerning making a dish or utensil tahir with kurr or running water, Should it be washed three times or once?
It is enough to purify it once with kurr or running water with the removal of the impurity.

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