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Medical Issues
Q [1]  Is abortion permissible? If so, when is it the latest to abort the child?
It is not permissible to have an abortion even if it only leads to wasting the fertilized egg during its first growing stages.
Q [2]  Who is the killer? The parents who went to a clinic for abortion? Or the doctor who perfumed the abortion? Who is supposed to pay the diyyah?
It is prohibition to participate in this operation or help make it happen. Blood money - diyyah is to be paid by the person that performed the murder.
Q [3]  Is abortion permissible at any time of pregnancy? Is there a time when the soul has not entered the fetus, and if there is then, how is aborting that is prohibited? What is the ruling in the case of rape?
Abortion is not permissible even if the soul has not entered the fetus and even if the pregnancy was by rape.
Q [4]  Is it permissible to have abortion if the child is expected to be mentally or physically handicapped or retarded?
It is not permissible to have the abortion even in the said case.
Q [5]  My wife suffers from epilepsy and has other illnesses, and was dependent on medication for treating them, as a result she had not suffered any epileptic fits. She is now pregnant, and the doctor advised that if she takes this medication it will harm the fetus. So she stopped taking the medication, and started to suffer from fits. In such a situation, where taking medication is harmful for the baby, and not taking the medication causes the mother to have fits, is it possible to abort the baby?
It is not permissible to abort the embryo, unless not aborting it would cause a danger to the life of both of them, the mother and the embryo. Furthermore, it is not permissible for the mother to take the medication which harms the embryo, unless the mothers fits causes the danger of death for both the mother and the embryo. If it is possible to tolerate the fits or to prevent it by other ways, then it is not permissible to use the medicine that cause harm to the embryo.
Q [6]  It Plastic surgery allowed in Islam to enhance looks?
Yes, it is permissible.
Q [7]  What is the Islamic ruling on cosmetics surgery for the purpose of beautification? Is it permissible for a woman to undergo cosmetic dentistry for example in order to feel better about herself or make herself more attractive to her husband?
The said surgeries are permissible unless it harms a body organ. If it does, then it is prohibited based on compulsory precaution.
Q [8]  Is it permissible to have cosmetic surgery?
Cosmetic surgery is not prohibited. It is prohibited to show adornment - except for kohl, ring and bracelet - in the presence of non-Mahram. The cosmetic surgery is not adornment.
Q [9]  Does Islam permit the practice of artificial insemination?
By itself, it is permissible between the married couple.
Q [10]  At some schools as part of teaching biology, they require students to dissect small animals like frogs and insects. Is this permissible? I feel that this violates the rights of the animals and I am not comfortable with this.
Dissection of animals is allowed for scientific research and learning, even if it does not agree with the emotional feeling towards the animal.

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