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Q [1]  During the month of Ramadan, if somebody knows that he will not be able to perform ghusl until dawn and he intentionally enters the state of janabah, will his fast be valid?
The fast is not valid in the said case.
Q [2]  If one fasted and did not know the rules of fasting and omitted the intention, are his fasts valid?
One can consider the fasting as valid if he doubts the validity now and there is a probability that it might be valid. The intention of fasting is not difficult to accomplish and it is correct from everyone fasting, since he has the intention as long as he is fasting.
Q [3]  One was eating dark chocolate before sleeping. Upon waking up for Fajr in the month of Ramadhan, and before brushing his teeth, he spat a few times and noticed bits of brown and black and generally brown spit. He is not certain if the spit was mixed with leftover residue, or if they were bits of leftover chocolate. Taking into account the fact that before spitting he had swallowed a few times, what is the status of his fast?
The fast is correct and one does not need to pay attention to such doubts in the said case.
Q [4]  If I eat prior to Fajr, such that by the time Fajr starts there is food in my mouth, am I allowed to swallow it or do I spit it out? Also, what about the food that is caught in my throat that I am unable to spit out without possibly causing myself to vomit, what do I do?
It is obligatory to remove the food in the mouth. It is not obligatory to remove it if it passes the mouth to the throat.
Q [5]  Sometimes we burp and a little bit of food comes to the top of the throat. If one swallows it, does it invalidate the fast?
If it has reached the mouth, the fast is void if it is swallowed.
Q [6]  What is the rule about licking one’s own lips while fasting, if one licks his lips for the second time while lips are still wet from the first time and moisture mixed with saliva. Will it break the fast if swallowed?
The said action usually does not break the fast, since there is no considerable substance present on the lip in such a way that swallowing it breaks the fast.
Q [7]  Is it possible to swallow mucus or phlegm during the fast?
Swallowing the mucus does not invalidates the fast.
Q [8]  While fasting, if one doubt whether water has entered his mouth when performing wudhu, is it necessary for him to spit out a number of times?
It is not obligatory to do so.
Q [9]  When fasting, is it permissible to use miswak, toothbrush, or to use a toothpick or to put a pen in the mouth?
It is permissible to use the miswak or the like when fasting, but one should avoid swallowing the liquids from outside the mouth. For example, when one uses the miswak and it becomes wet from saliva, if it is taken out of the mouth and placed back in the mouth again, the wetness on the miswak will be deemed to be from outside the mouth, and swallowing such liquid will invalidate the fast.
Q [10]  If a man is not fasting due to a justifiable reason, but his wife is fasting, is he permitted to have sexual intercourse with her?
He is not permitted to do so, and she is not permitted to allow him to have intercourse with her.

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