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Clothes & Appearance
Q [1]  Can a mature man wear short pants (up to his knees or a little above), in public?
It is not part of the pubic area that men should cover when they are in public unless such a thing subjects the person to be humiliated then it becomes prohibited.
Q [2]  If my tie is made of silk, is it permissible to wear it if it is not directly touching my body? (It is over my shirt)
It is prohibited to wear if it was from pure silk. Based on compulsory precaution, it should not been worn during the prayer and the prayer is void then.
Q [3]  I wanted to know if Islam permits you to wear a white wedding dress at the day of your wedding.
Yes, it is permissible to wear white clothes.
Q [4]  Is it permissible for me (as a man) to wear silk?
It is not permissible for a man to wear natural silk.
Q [5]  What is a ‘shuhrah’ cloth?
It is the strange cloth that is not acceptable socially - in a clear way - for such a person to wear.
Q [6]  Is it a permissible for me to wear an Imamah - turban that is not white, for example, Blue, grey, red, or yellow.
It is permissible to do so unless it is not socially acceptable in a clear way for you to wear one with such color or if the color of the turban is special for a particular linage like the black colored turban is specific to the descendents of Ali (sayyids) in some countries as wearing such colored turbans by people who are not sayyids is considered as cheating and lying so it is prohibited from this aspect.
Q [7]  When I go outside, I put perfume and some people say it is haram. Is it?
A women is not allowed to put on perfume that can be smelled by Non Mahram Men.
Q [8]  What is your ruling about using perfume which contains alcohol?
It is permissible to use it, but it is Najis if it causes intoxication. When one comes in contact with a Najis Alcohol through application of perfume or otherwise, he must purify himself or his clothing before performing prayers and Tawaaf.
Q [9]  In the west, in many of the mosques, all the people wear western clothing; would it be considered disliked to wear a jilbab and a turban to the mosque, even though it would draw attention and set you aside from all the other believers in the mosque?
It is permissible to wear the turban even if it leads to distinguishing the person who wears it from other believers.
Q [10]  Are Muslims allowed to wear leather jackets or belts that are not made by Muslims?
It is permissible to wear it in other than prayers. It is considered to be Najis so one should purify whatever it touches with dampness like the hands.

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