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Q [1]  Could I know why playing chess is prohibited in Islam?
Chess is an ancient game. The Divine Legislator prohibits it even without
betting. We are not aware of the real reasons for legislations and we should implement them even if we did not know its real reasons as we should surrender to Almighty Allah's laws in all aspects.
Q [2]  Is playing chess forbidden? I have heard from some people that it is, and from others I have heard is not. I am confused. What is your ruling on this issue?
It is not permissible to play chess.
Q [3]  I have read in many books that playing of chess is prohibited but they openly play chess in some places. If you could, please give your opinion.
It is not permissible to play chess or sell its instruments (e.g. the chess board or the chess pieces).
Q [4]  Can I sit at a table with those who are playing cards, dominoes and chess on it?
It is prohibited to watch the chess players while they are playing. It is permissible to watch the players of other gambling games, unless this leads to encouraging these games or similar prohibitions.

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