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Religious Endowment (Waqf)
Q [1]  In the case of public endowments if only the endower knows that the item is a waqf but the public does not know that, is the waqf established?
The religious endowment is correct even without informing others.
Q [2]  If one mosque has many donated carpets by way of waqf, and other mosques in the city do not have enough carpets, is it possible to give carpets from first mosque to another mosque for permanent use?
If the carpets donated as religious endowment (waqf) were many in quantity, such that the mosque does not require them all and are therefore not used, it is permissible to transfer it to another mosque. Otherwise it is not permissible.
Q [3]  My Grandmother has declared her House as a Hussainia. Later she decided to sell it. Is she allowed to do so?
If the house was placed under endowment in a religiously correct way, it is not permissible to dissolve it and return it to a private ownership.
Q [4]  A property 200 years old being commonly used by all Shia Muslims as Hussainia. Will this property be considered as endowment?
If the people have been dealing with the said property as a religious endowment, one should consider it as such unless proven otherwise.
Q [5]  If someone declares something to be waqf and it is still in his possession, is the waqf established?
If the beneficiary of the endowment was a general reference, such as needy people, or a private one that does not include the endower himself, then it is correct. The endower must pass the possession of the waqf to the beneficiaries or the custodian of the waqf. The endower is allowed to appoint himself as the custodian on the waqf property; he should then look after it for the best interest of the beneficiaries.

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