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Q [1]  Is it permissible for me to keep a dog as a pet?
It is permissible to keep a dog. Dogs are Najis. One should make sure that the body and clothes are purified in order to perform the prayers if they came in contact with it with dampness.
Q [2]  Is it permissible to keep a cat as a pet? Is their hair najis?
It is permissible to keep a cat as a pet and its hair is not najis, but if cat hair sticks to one’s clothes his prayer is invalid as an obligatory precaution.
Q [3]  Which birds are permissible to be kept as pet birds in the cage?
It is permissible to keep any kind of bird as a pet.
Q [4]  If a cat at home scratches a member of the family viciously, will it be permissible to hit the cat?
It is permissible to hit it in order to prevent its harm.
Q [5]  Is it prohibited to castrate an animal?
It is permissible.
Q [6]  We have two cats; both are over four years old. Are they liable for Zakat?
There is no Zakat on cats.
Q [7]  Is the wolf saliva najis? What about dog types that are closely related to wolves and are very similar to them, are their saliva najis?
The wolf is not najis. If the animal is a dog, its saliva is najis. If it is not a dog then the saliva is not najis.

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