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Rules of Water
Q [1]  How much is kurr water?
Kurr water equals in volume to 27 cubic hand-spans. Based on an obligatory precaution, the hand-span is equivalent 25 cm. In terms of mass, Kurr corresponds to 464.1 kg, and it is preferred to consider it to be 470 kg.
Q [2]  If kurr water comes into contact with najāsah, does it automatically become najis too?
If water reaches kurr, it does not become najis by simply coming into contact with najāsah. It becomes najis when the najāsah changes the color of the water, its taste or its smell.
Q [3]  If a najasah comes into contact with under-kurr water, will it become najis even if the amount of najāsah, is very little, like a drop of urine?
If the water is less than kurr, it becomes najis when it simply comes into contact with the najāsah, even if the najāsah is very little that it does not cause any changes to the water.
Q [4]  If my mattress has become najis by urine, can it be purified by rainwater?
The mattress and its interior become tāhir when it is soaked with rainwater while it is raining. Removing the water from it through pressing or squeezing is not required for it to become tāhir, nor is it necessary to repeat the process.
Q [5]  While I wash an object or my body from najasah, and water splashes onto a place which is tahir, will that place also become najis? Is there a difference if the water I am washing it with is Kurr or Qaleel?
If the water used in the process of cleaning is little (qaleel), then the water that splashes off the najasah is najis and causes wherever it lands to also become najis. The exception to this ruling is the water used for istinja, (the process of cleaning the private parts after urination or defecation), in which case the water splashes will be tahir.
If ‘immune water’ is used, then it is tahir after it splashes off the najasah, and does not cause other objects that it comes in contact with to become najis.

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