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Buying & Selling
Q [1]  Could one buy goods from someone who sells Alcohol in his shop?
Yes, but it is better to choose shops that do not sell such prohibited items.
Q [2]  I understand from the books of His Eminence that the buyer and seller in a transaction have to be adults (baligh). Does this mean that parents cannot send their children to the store to buy something? Or children in school cannot buy food from the cafeteria?
It is permissible for the child to buy or sell if it was with the consent of the guardian.
Q [3]  Some women sell their hair to Muslims or non-Muslims (who are non-Mahram to the women) and receive some money or some other useful items from them in exchange? Is it permissible to do this?
Yes, it is permissible.
Q [4]  Is it permissible to buy and sell shares of companies in the Canadian and US stock exchanges?
Yes, it is permissible but it is not permissible to buy shares of companies that deal with prohibited matters like wine and pig and the like of it if the buyer becomes a partner in owning such things.
Q [5]  Is it allowed to buy or consume halal food or drink, that is manufactured or processed by a company that manufactures or processes haram food or drink as well?
If the product were permissible to consume or drink then it is permissible to purchase them.
Q [6]  Is it allowed for Muslims to deal in currencies in the foreign currency exchange market?
Yes, it is permissible.
Q [7]  If we are purchasing something from a person, do we have to be concerned with the source of the sold merchandise? What If we know that they are stolen or acquired without the consent of the owner? What if we doubt whether it is stolen or not?
It is not permissible to purchase goods that are known to be stolen from Muslims or are taken from them by force or without their consent. If there is a doubt whether the goods are stolen or not, then it is permissible to buy them, although it is better to refrain from such goods and purchase from a seller who is not doubted.

Q [8]  Can I sell the things that are freely available, for example, if I take free religious materials and sell it for money?
If the free things are given as gifts, and they are not given with a condition that they are not to be sold, then one can sell them.
Q [9]  If a person has musical instruments and a man’s gold ring from a time when he was not practicing Muslim, can he sell them now? If he cannot to sell them, what should he do with them?
If the musical instruments can be used to produce permissible kind of music then it is allowed to sell them. If this is not the case, he can discard them. It is permissible to sell the gold ring even if it is for men.
Q [10]  Is it prohibited to sell magazines with pictures of women who are dressed improperly and are posing in sexually enticing and arousing ways?
If this involves propagating sins then it is impermissible.

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