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Q [1]  Does temptation and the feeling of sexual desire towards a woman require ghusl of janābah?
Ghusl does not become obligatory because of this.
Q [2]  Does ghusl have to be performed when one touches someone else in the state of janābah without being in the state of janābah himself?
No, touching somebody in the state of janābah is not a cause for janābah. One has to perform ghusl of janābah due to either sexual intercourse or release of semen, and not for any other reason.
Q [3]  If Pre-ejaculatory fluid (also known as preseminal fluid, or Cowpers fluid) is passed with urine or otherwise, Does Ghusl of Janabah become obligatory?
Ghusl is not obligatory with the release of such a liquid.
Q [4]  If a thick liquid is discharged during the course of ghusl of janābah, should I start ghusl from the beginning or continue with it?
If the person during the state of janābah has urinated before the ghusl, then the release of the discharge does not affect his ghusl. If he did not urinate before performing the ghusl then there are two possibilities:
1. If he is sure that the mentioned released liquid is not associated with any traces of semen, then the ghusl is not affected and he can continue it.
2. If he doubts that it is associated with some traces of semen, then he should restart the ghusl.
Q [5]  If during Ghusl of Janabah, you have a little bit more semen coming out, do you have to restart it or can you continue?
Ghusl should be repeated from the beginning.
Q [6]  There is some kind of colorless liquid that is discharged from one’s penis, which could possibly be semen; what are the signs of semen?
The signs of semen are sexual excitement, forceful ejaculation and tepidity. If none of these signs is present – for a healthy human – then the discharge will not be considered to be semen. If the man was asleep during the discharge, then the two signs of sexual excitement and forceful ejaculation are sufficient to deem the discharged substance to be semen and najis. For somebody who is ill, such ejaculation with merely sexual excitement will be sufficient to regard it as semen.
Q [7]  Should the woman performs ghusl after having a wet dream? Is the substance released considered najis like semen?
If the female releases a liquid when she reaches the peak of sexual arousal, i.e. the orgasm, then based on an obligatory precaution she is considered to be in the state of janābah, even if this takes place while she is asleep. The obligatory precaution in this case means that she should perform both the ghusl and wudhu before offering prayers and she should consider the liquid to be najis and purify her clothes and body if they came in contact with it.
Q [8]  When urinating a thick liquid resembling semen exits, without sexual excitement, bodily weakness and such, so I am not sure whether it is semen or not. Will this be considered as semen?
It is not obligatory to consider it to be semen in the said case.
Q [9]  You mentioned that a woman enters the state of janabah when she releases a liquid when she reaches the peak of sexual arousal. Does this include the liquid released during sexual arousal during foreplay? And is it najis?
The moisture discharged by a woman during foreplay and before reaching the peak of sexual arousal is tahir and does not cause janābah.
Q [10]  Sometimes when I feel sexual attraction, there is an involuntary discharge of liquid, which may or may not be followed by semen. Will I need to do the ghusl of janābah?
If the semen was released, then ghusl must be performed before offering the prayers. The release of another fluid, such as what may be released during foreplay and sexual urges then ghusl is not required.

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