Office Of Grand Ayatollah Sayyed M.S.Al-Hakeem

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Q [1]  Can we lease a car where payment will be made in installments including addition charges?
It is permissible to lease the car for a total payment that is more than the usual payment, in such a way that after certain number of payments the ownership of the car is then turned to the person who leased the car.
Q [2]  I own a house that I rent out to university students. Is it permissible for me to put a clause in the lease agreement that states that the tenant will pay a late charge if he fails to pay the rent in full on the due date?
It is permissible to do so, and the condition is effective between the two parties if they both were aware of it at the time of the contract.
Q [3]  Is it permissible for an employee to underpay his staff in respect to the status and rank of his employees?
It is permissible if salaries are agreed upon between the employer and employee.

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