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Q [1]  In a charity, is it allowed for the managers to withdraw some amount from the funds given as charity for a particular project in order to cover the administrative costs?
Usually, the charity donors intend for their donations to be used only for the charitable beneficiaries such as the orphans and needy people, in which case the charity establishment is not permitted to use this money in any other way. If the donor gave the donation intending to give the charity establishment absolute discretion in how it is used, then they can use it or some of it for administrative costs.
Q [2]  If I was to volunteer in a homeless shelter in a non-Muslim country, is it a good deed?
The mentioned work is good and it gives a good impression about Islam and Muslims especially when you serve non-Muslims.
Q [3]  In Surah al-Dhuha, verse 10, it is written: "And as for him, who asks, do not chide (him)." In the light of this verse what are our obligations if a person asks us of something?
It is not obligatory to give whoever asks you whatever they want. There is encouragement in this verse and other narrated texts from the Infallibles (peace be upon them) that you should not refuse who asks you even by giving a small portion of what he has asked for.
Whenever the Prophet (peace be upon him) was asked for anything, he never said, “No.” Rather, he gave what was asked if he could, or he responded with nice soft words.
Q [4]  If a person is physically healthy and his monthly income is very low. His house falls due to rain and he cannot cope with the cost of the re-construction of his house. Can charity (Sadaqah) be given to him?
Based on the said question, one can pay charity to him.

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