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Q [1]  When is it obligatory for a man to work?
It is obligatory for a man to support himself and his dependents and if this support can not be done without work then he should.
Q [2]  Is it forbidden to work on Friday after hearing the Adhan at noon?
Work is not prohibited after the Adhan on Fridays, since one has the choice at that time between offering Friday prayer or Dhuhr prayer, and the obligation is in between these two choices.
Q [3]  Is it permissible for a woman to go to work?
Yes, it is permissible.
Q [4]  If i want to advertise a product for my business, am I allowed to use a woman that does not wear hijab as a model in the advert to be advertised all over the world?
If the said propagates prohibitions and mischief then it is prohibited.
Q [5]  If a man keeps a woman on work in order to attract customers, then what he earns is it halal or haram?
The earnings are permissible but we warn from such ways of earning as it might lead to prohibited acts.
Q [6]  Is the income of a believing woman lawful if she does not wear hijab at work, voluntarily or because she was required at her workplace not to do so?
A woman must wear the hijab during work and in other places in the presence of non-Mahram. However, if she decided not to, she will be a sinner, but this does not affect the lawfulness of the income that she receives for such a work.
Q [7]  Is it permissible, as a male actor, to work in dramas and movies with Muslim actresses, who although wear appropriate clothing but usually adorn their faces with make-up? Is it permitted to look at their faces while doing a scene together?
Working as an actor is permissible but it is prohibited to look at them with lust.
Q [8]  I work in a supermarket where I fill food products in the store. Is it permissible for me to fill pork (meat of pig)?
Yes, it is permissible.
Q [9]  Is it permissible to work in a supermarket where Alcoholic beverages are sold?
If it does not lead to selling them, then it is permissible.
Q [10]  Is it permissible to work in a company that uses a system said to be Islamic, through which high priced items are sold in installments to such people who can not pay the price lump sum when the total amount of installments is higher than the current value at the time of sale. On the payment of the final installment, the car becomes the buyer’s?
It is permissible to sell high priced items in installments even if the total price is more than the price at the time of the deal. Yes, the religious transfer of the ownership is at the time of the deal. It is permissible to delay the registration of the ownership to the last installment. Based on that, it is permissible to work from this aspect.

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