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  Ownership of the cloned animal

Cloning of Body Parts

Q) What is the ruling about the meat and milk of the genetically modified animal with blood similar to that of a human origin? Also, what is the status of such a blood?

A) The meat and milk of such an animal follows the same rulings of its kind such as sheep, cow, cat, dog or human because it belongs to the same category. So the meat and milk of a genetically modified sheep is allowed similar to its general population, even if its blood was modified to have similar properties to that of human origin.
The blood of such an animal also follows the same rulings as its original kind because only the human blood that has been produced inside the human body is considered unclean not any blood with similar composition. In other words, the blood belongs to the body that produces it not the one that contains similar cells.

  Ownership of the cloned animal

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