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  Expiations (Kaffrah)


This refers to the declaration of a person of his liability or a right he owes, or of negating his right or entitlement from another person.
Ruling 721: The admitter’s admission will only be effective with the following conditions:
(1)   if there is probability in his being truthful;
(2)   if it is not known that he is lying;
(3)   if the admission is not countered by the person in whose favor the admission is made.
Ruling 722: One’s admission will take priority over all other evidences, such as witnesses, and no other claim by the admitter to the contrary will then be heard.
Ruling 723: In order for the admission to be applicable, the admitter must be adult, sane, rational, be freely intending to declare the admission, and he must not be coerced to do so.
Ruling 724: There is no particular phrase to pronounce in one’s admission; rather, any words, verbal or written, acts and signs – even indirectly – from which admission is understood is sufficient.

  Expiations (Kaffrah)

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