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Books Muslims Guide: Guidance and EdictsChapter Sixteen

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You are encouraged to be involved in serving Islam, to cooperate with the members of other Muslim sects from among the people of guidance, sensibility and care about the supreme interest of Islam, those who are distant from scheming, conspiracy and hateful fanaticism, as our agreement with them in the principles of Islam requires everyone to pay attention to serving and firming them and to serving Islam as an inclusive religion. So, disseminate the Islamic faith, raise its flags, invite others to it, spread it in the corners of the earth and cooperate in this regard in the best and most perfect way, peacefully, amicably.
Merely differing from them about the sect's principles does not prevent us from cooperating with them and from supporting them in serving Islam as a whole after we all have agreed about it. Our role models in this regard are our holy Imams (Allah's blessings be with them) who provided the most glorious and sublime examples in self-denial and in performing this duty. Then our scholars and believing adherents followed suit in order to carry out this duty which is imposed by the Sharia. In the near past, religious scholars in Iraq led the believing masses and carried with them arms when Iraq was exposed to the invasion of the British, in defense of Islam and in order to safeguard its unity.
This does not mean that we or they should give up our points of contention. Rather, each side should keep what it believes to itself. It should work according to it in the best of ways without this negatively affecting our service to Islam as a common duty agreed about by everyone.
Many times have different groups agreed to serve their common material interests; so, what would you say about Islam which is the religion of creed and principle, especially since Islam is now passing through hard times and tough tribulations, resisting the ganging up of forces of evil that try to tear it apart from within by stirring differences, rivalries and fanaticism, besieging it from outside, pouring wrath on it and on all the Muslims, ignoring their rights, pursuing them and violating their sanctities.
So, this condition should stimulate all Muslims, regardless of the differences among their sects and groups. Muslims should stand shoulder-to-shoulder with solidarity to serve their true religion and sublime principles, invite others to them with beautiful wisdom and goodly exhortation, stand in the face of oppressive campaigns intended to weaken them and tear their unity apart.
You, nevertheless, should keep good company with the rest of Muslim groups and safeguard for them Islam's right and holiness. If we have already emphasized good companionship and its duties in the societies that surround you, many members of which are licentious, what would you say about the Muslims, who stay away from what the great religion of Islam has prohibited, believing in it just like you, while you are with them in those lands a weak minority? The stronger and more cemented such companionship is, the stronger and more firm you will then be.

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