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Chapter Fourteen

What worries us the most and robs us of sleep, with regard to your affairs, is the issue relevant to the new generation that has been born or grew up in foreign lands. This generation is not familiar with the environment in which you lived, nor has it been acquainted with the principles with which you have been familiar, nor has it fortified itself with anything like that. Rather, all this is strange to it and to its community, distant from it altogether. Then it became exposed in these lands and societies to the most serious cultural and behavioral dangers especially with regard to the strictness of their laws in making education compulsory and in building it on “liberty” in a way which reaches the extent of moral looseness, immodesty, lewdness and the weakening of the authority of the parents and family on the child and the absence of these parents' watchful eyes. All this prepares this child to be fused into the society, in its culture and behavior. He will be fused into it easily and without any resistance or opposition. We have been told that some newspapers have expected all of this to take place, feeling spiteful, even boastful about it.
This hurts us and hurts every Muslim and every believer who has a conscience, because this new generation is the second generation of Islam and of faith in these lands. Actually, it is the next generation of Islam and faith if they remain in these countries; so, what a loss and a calamity if such problems come to pass!
From this onset, hope rests on Muslims and believers in general, in these lands and in the lands of Islam, to study the problem and its size and significance, and to raise religious and emotional fervor and bear the responsibility; then cooperate and solidify to fight this very serious peril and set up fortifications against it. All this can be done by trying to build schools for this generation in these lands, the curricula of which teaches the basics and branches of the creed, its rulings, ethics and behaviors while making all this attractive to this generation, explaining its benefits and fruits and the risks of abandoning it as well as the negativities of such abandonment.
All of this is intended to educate this generation with its pristine religious and moral education, direct it towards the most exemplary conduct, fortify it against deviation—cultural and behavioral—which is to be expected, safeguard its humanity, religion, ethical values and manners. All the above strengthen its ties with this generation's origins, tying it to these origins, igniting its feelings and sentiments towards them, distancing it from the impulses of looseness, disintegration and deviation.
Even if this requires in the beginning significant material sacrifices, yet the problem, considering its size and significance, requires such sacrifices. These sacrifices may become lighter to bear through cooperation and solidarity. Later, they may even yield funds that help perpetuate these facilities or suffice to maintain them. Actually, it may cover past losses and have a surplus in the short or long term especially if the intention is to respond to the call of Allah through relying on Him and thinking well of Him, for He always assists His servant so long as the latter is with Him: "[As regarding] those who strive in Our (cause), We will certainly guide them to Our paths, for truly Allah is with those who do right” (Qur'an, 29:69).
This applies to all the Muslims and believers in general. As regarding you, specifically those living in foreign lands, this new generation represents the apples of your eyes, the fruits of your hearts, the extension of your existence. It is your bright hope, the trust of Allah Almighty which He placed in your hands, making you in charge of protecting it and will hold you accountable about it; He, the most Exalted One, has said, "O you who believe! Save yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel is men and stones, over which stern (and) strong angels are appointed, (angels) who do not flinch (from executing) the commands they receive from Allah but do (precisely) what they are commanded” (Qur'an, 66:6).
Do you not see how one is afraid his son may catch a cold or disease or stumble or a thorn may harm him, would he still leave him to be fuel of the fire of Hell, sinking deeply in the pits of disintegration and moral decay, thus bringing him, his religion and honor a shame?
So, fear Allah, rely on Him, seek His help, resort to Him, then work very hard and make your preparations, set your resolve and hold on to your children, keep an eye on them, raise them well, look after them, feed them with the basics of Islam and faith, with the teachings of the true religion, with lofty Islamic manners, with the guidance of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them). Bring their attention to the good things in all of this, to its benefits and fruits, and to the negativities of the ideologies, norms of behavior, risks and repercussions that surround them. Make them feel the latter's triviality and lowliness.
Prepare for them the suitable environment for it at home, in your meetings, assemblies, institutions, and do not neglect it in your private and public speeches, casual and fixed occasions, so they may be attracted to these good roots and fruitful origins and be attached to them with their emotions and feelings, live them and interact with them in their conscience and conduct. Do not let them be deceived by the ideologies, concepts and conduct that surround them, so they may not incline to immediate pleasure, but they should denounce it, see it as repulsive and distance themselves from it.
No matter how hard you work towards this objective and tolerate along its path troubles, difficulties, sacrifices and losses, all this is less than what it is worth: You are the winners! You are like a drowning person who has to hold on to anything that may keep him alive and safe: "… Allah is with you and will never put you in loss on account of your (good) deeds” (Qur'an, 47:35). We plead to Allah Almighty, by His bounties and generosity, and by the right of the choicest from among His creation i.e. Muhammad and his pure Progeny (blessings of Allah be with them all), to assist you with the best of His assistance, to grant you,to give you guidance, to follow your efforts with success and triumph; He is the most Merciful of all those who show mercy, the Master of the believers, the best Helper.
Be informed that the strongest ties that connect you to your origins and tie you to them, safeguarding your character and entity, is the sacred language, Arabic, the language of the Holy Qur'an, of the sacred traditions, the true religion, the truthful teachings, the lofty etiquettes—in preaching, supplications, sermons and Ziyarats—and of bright history, great glories and all pristine Islamic heritage. If they become familiar with Arabic, it will be easy for them to absorb all of this and interact with it.
Beware lest they should distance themselves from this language, neglect it or ignore it, so they may thus sever their ties from all of this in a way which will be very difficult to retract and benefit from. So, let Arabic be the language among you, in your societies and clubs, and during your occasions, so they may keep it alive with you and take them from you. Prepare for them whatever you can – books, leaflets, recordings, etc – to feed them with, to tie themto. Do not neglect such things; do not lose them, due to its great significance in the life of this new young generation and its fate.
Muslims, in all their nations and ethnicities, should show interest in this language, learn it themselves and teach it to their children, for it is the language of their great religion, which bears its legacy, branches of knowledge, teachings, culture and arts. It is the language that combined all Muslims, during their peak of glory, regardless of their nations, ethnicities and homelands. Through it, they filled the whole world with knowledge and culture in their writings, books, sermons and poetry.
We nowadays see many Muslims learning foreign languages so it may help them gain money or knowledge without, unfortunately, thinking of learning the Arabic language which is the language of their religion in order to reach their original culture and absorb their great legacy through which their salvation and happiness can be achieved and so can the perfection of their personality and entity. Let this language bring them all together, help them extend bridges among them, facilitate the means of communication and friendship among them as well as with others despite their different nations, ethnicities and homelands.

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