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Books Muslims Guide: Guidance and EdictsChapter Ten

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Undoubtedly, living in any society forces one to acclimate, to be in harmony with it and with its members, to go along with many of their norms of conduct, customs and traditions, but you should do the following:
Firstly: You must safeguard whatever you can of your positive customs and traditions, especially among yourselves, for this stresses your character, firms your entity and reminds you of being adherents of another religion and have other ideals, manners and norms of conduct.
Secondly: You must observe the limits imposed by Allah, the most Exalted, the most Great, and His teachings, for many affairs relevant to socializing and mixing with these societies are prohibited by the Islamic Sharia, such as shaking hands with non-Mahram women, listening to music and songs, wine drinking, etc. So, you must abstain firmly and stubbornly from coming close to them no matter what the cost may be.
Satan, his loyalists and the evil-inciting self must not deceive you by telling you that doing so is only dictated by necessity, that you will feel too embarrassed to oppose them because it will distort your image in their regard, and they will look at you in a negative way because you have, in your view, departed from the rules and etiquettes of socializing, and that necessities have their own dictates. Stepping along such a path and surrendering to it with regard to the way they feel about you – in having departed from a nice companionship and a good way of socializing – will undermine your character, violate your religion, transgress on the sanctity of your Lord and will be a cause for His abandonment of you and His wrath. You will thus lose righteousness and sacrifice the truth in the deluge of corruption and moral disintegration, and the longer the period lasts, the retreat will be harder.
Yes, you have to behave well with them and to explain in a nice and wise way your viewpoint and justifications for your abstention, attracting their attention in a good way that your refusal to go along with them, with regard to these customs, does not mean that they are being disrespected, nor is it due to the bad companionship with them, but it is for the sake of your honorable commitments and sacred teachings. When this becomes clear to them, you will rise in their esteem and impose on them respect for you and for your character. They will then look at you with respect and veneration because souls are inclined to respecting people who have principles and commitments, those who have strong personalities. Thus, the truth will become clear the whole time, and your traditions will prevail and spread among them. They will not denounce them, and it will be easy for you to follow them without feeling embarrassed; rather, you will do so with perfect dignity and pride.

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