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Books Muslims Guide: Guidance and EdictsChapter Three

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Nowadays, Shi’ism is subjected to a series of plots and attempts to suppress it such as campaigns aiming at distorting it, casting doubts about it, misrepresenting and defaming it. Such are unfair campaigns based on ignoring the facts and distorting information, without any limits or a sense of shame. They may be done by naïve persons who learn about a creed from what men say, because they trust their knowledge without referring to genuine references for such a creed, paying no attention to established facts.
Whatever the condition of those who stage these campaigns may be, you, expatriates, are their first targets, and they are more dangerous to you than they are to others for the following reasons:
(1) You are distant from religious communities; you do not interact with the concepts that are common in these communities.
(2) Many of you are unaware of the facts of the religion or are ignorant about their proofs even if you recognize them at first or as a whole, or because you think well of the scholars who mentioned the evidences and texts which contain them, but you are unfamiliar with their details.
(3) You are distant from the centers of genuine theological culture, so you do not know their position with regard to deviated ideologies and to claims made about them these days.
(4) These ideologies and claims are presented and propagated as being "corrective” and that they are appropriate for the current times – and they have been discovered after thorough examination and research to replace old and stagnant ideologies – and these presentations are issued by people who place themselves or are placed by hostile media in high or advanced levels of knowledge.
(5) You thirst for the religious concepts and you are anxious for the Islamic culture, because of being so distant from your homelands and due to your estrangement in these non-Muslim societies, so you grab whatever reaches you, and you interact with it instantly.
These matters as a whole make you a suitable ground for accepting those ideologies or to being influenced by them or to becoming confused because of them, especially since you do not have the media and publicity strength and the financial and political support. This makes these matters spread in a relatively fast way in addition to the originally materially poor, contained and suppressed ideologies.
So, be cautious, believing expatriates, about your religion lest it should be stolen from you through these presentations and suspicious attempts, for your religion and loyalty to Ahl al-Bayt (the best of Allah's peace and blessings be with them) are the two precious jewels and the two greatest blessings with which Allah, the most Exalted One, the most Great, has blessed you and all believers out of His kindness and favor. You should not relinquish them and thus prove to be ingrates towards the blessing of Allah Almighty in their regard, for the penalty for it will be perdition, vengeance and perpetual loss, as the most Exalted and Great One has said: “Have you not considered those who have changed God's favor for ungratefulness and caused their people to fall to the abode of perdition: Into Hell, they shall burn in it, and an evil place to stay in!” Qur'an, 14:28-29).
Although we are fully aware of the soundness of our faith and what we take for granted, the strength of our argument, the harmony of our proofs, we still do not want you to hold on to them only by way of imitating our righteous ancestry and sticking to the inherited path, rejecting opposite ideologies and presentations without examining them, for we, Praise to Allah Almighty, do not have to do any of that.
Our Imams (Allah's blessings be with them) have, according to the Holy Qur'an and the judgment of sound reason, emphasized deliberation and research, and prohibited taking religion from the mouths of men without insight or evidence.
Rather, all what we want from you is to stand firmly before these ideologies and deviated presentations, to take your time in their regard and not immediately agree with them, run after them, interact with them and become oblivious of the reality of the matter, or by imagining that they were produced by researching people who enjoy self-respect and who do not purposefully go against the truth, ignore or distort it.
This can be done:
Firstly, by taking into consideration the circumstances and the suspicious motives of presenting such ideologies, the making of such statements, the sincerity of those who make them and their integrity.Whereas these calls and ideologies coincided with the rise of Islam and pro-active Shi’ism on the global field: These threatened the interests of the forces of evil, so these forces joined ranks against them, forged alliances in order to fight them with money and media and sometimes in an open way. This is so due to the freedom of movement enjoyed by owners of such ideologies and statements and the huge media power they have at their disposal, whereas we see the genuine ideologies being poor when it comes to finance and media, so they are under a relative siege.
Secondly, by referring to the sources of knowledge, looking into our evidences subjectively and fairly, even though it may be through contacting centers of religious education and the honorable religious seminaries (the hawzas), and seeking assistance from researchers, in order to get to know such evidences and arrive at them so the truth may become clear, and so that the outcomewould be the strengthening of faith with full conviction and sufficient proof. Our faith, praise to Allah Almighty, is rich in all of this: "And Allah will never grant the unbelievers a way (to triumph) over the believers” (Qur'an, 4:141).
What will assist you best towards knowing the truth and its clarity is familiarity with traditions of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them) and their biographies, for they reflect a clear picture about the reality which they lived, the straight path on which they treaded, the true concepts which they adopted and which their Shi’ites followed. In all of this, it is difficult to find distortion and misrepresentation. And thus we have already stressed this fact.

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