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Was the mother of Imam Sajjad (peace be upon him) a Persian princess, Shahrbanu? Answer: The said is mentioned in books of history and those books that deal with lineage.   His Eminence Grand Ayatullah Sayyid al-Hakeem meets with EU delegation   

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What conditions are there for the sacrificial animal which must be slaughtered for a vow? If the animal is damaged or injured, will it suffice?
It is permissible to sacrifice for the vow a damaged animal.
If I have £100 on which khums is due on, and I put aside £20 from it as khums to pay it at the end of the year, am I not allowed to spend the remaining £80 before the £20 is paid?
When it is possible to pay the khums to whoever deserves it or to the agent, one should hasten to do so. One can use the rest of the money whether he paid the khums or not.
If someone in his youth committed the sin of adultery and then repented and has thereafter not committed such sins, should he still expect punishment on the Day of Judgment?
Certain verses from the Quran and religious texts indicate that when a person sins and afterwards regrets what he has done and decides to stop committing such a sin, then almighty Allah will not punish him.