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Is grape jam najis? Answer: If the juice in the grape is boiled in the process of making the jam, then based on an obligatory precaution one should avoid consuming it.   His Eminence Grand Ayatullah Sayyid al-Hakeem meets with EU delegation   

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What should those girls do whose parents forbid them to wear the hijab?
It is obligatory on the woman to wear hijab regardless of the position of the parents. It is prohibited to obey them in this case.
If a person performs the ghusl of Friday, does that remove the need for performing wudhū? If a person performs another recommended ghusl, does this also remove the need for performing wudhū?
Yes, the Friday ghusl compensates the need to perform wudhū. The same can be said regarding all ghusls which are proven to be recommended in the Sharia, like the ghusl of the day of Eid and the ghusl of the day of Arafāh. However, those ghusls which have not been proven to be recommended, like the ghusl of the day of Ghadeer and the ghusl of the day of Nowruz, if they are performed the believer is rewarded but will still need to perform the wudhū for prayers.
What is the rule about placing a symbolic things and personal effects with the deceased in the grave, like burying a girl’s doll with her?
It is permissible place items such as dolls in the grave; but, one should be concerned about what benefits the deceased in his grave.