Office of Grand Ayatollah Sayyid M.S.Al-Hakeem 
What can you advise me if my parents forbade me to pray? Answer: It is not obligatory to obey them in this matter. One must offer the prayers.  

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If during the first day of the menstruation a woman has menstrual bleeding, and then no bleeding for two days, and the following day she sees the bleeding for two days again, is it necessary for her to observe the rules of menstruation during the clear days?
In this situation, the woman should have the ghusl of menstruation and she offer the prayers during the clean days. If she did not do so then she must offer the prayers as qadha. She should consider the periods of bleeding as menstruation, even if they were separated by clean periods.
I have heard that some alcohols are not najis and do not invalidate prayers if one has alcohol-based perfume on, for example. Which alcohols are najis and which are tahir?
Intoxicants that are liquid by nature are najis. Alcohol is a modern scientific term that is not mentioned in religious texts. Therefore, if certain alcohols possess these two characteristics – being intoxicant and liquid by nature – then it is najis and prohibited to consume, and the prayer is invalid if such alcohol-containing substances are used. If what is known to be an alcohol according to modern terminology does not possess these two characteristics then it is tahir.
I have read that it is recommended to fast for five days in the month of Shawwal, from 4th to 9th Shawwal. Should we observe it on those exact days or can we observe on the fast on other days within the month of Shawwal?
Fasting such days specifically is not proven to be recommended.