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If a woman is in her period, is there any restriction to the amount of Quran she may recite? Could she, for example, complete the entire Quran whilst on her period?
Such recitation is permissible although it is disliked.
If a person has a mortgage that is agreed to be paid over 30 years, is the person required to perform the Hajj? Will it be counted as a Hijjatul-Islam?
If the individual is financially capable to undertake the Pilgrimage from a source other than the money taken from the bank, then he is obliged to perform the pilgrimage and it is considered as Hijjatul-Islam.
What is your ruling on birth control by using artificial methods like condoms and pills, and is it good to control child birth?
The mentioned ways are permissible, except if they lead to another prohibition like the excessive harm to the body.