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Islamic Laws Simplified - Compensation of Bodily Harm   While fasting, if one doubt whether water has entered his mouth, is it necessary for him to spit out a number of times? Answer: It is not obligatory to do so.  

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If somebody was fasting and intended to break his fast – for example if somebody decided that he cannot continue the fast and poured some water to drink – but then changed his mind and decided to fast again, is his fast still valid or not?
If he broke the intention of fasting and decided to break the fast, even if he did not actually break it, his fast is void and he has to make it up. However, he should still refrain from the things that break the fast for the rest of that day. He does not have to pay kaffarah.
If a person does not know that a particular action invalidates the fast, such as using liquid enema, will the fast still be invalidated? Does the same apply to masturbation without knowledge that it invalidates the fast?
If the fasting person committing one of the things that invalidates the fast without knowing that it does, i.e. he thinks that it is permissible, his fast is not invalidated.
If water gets into the throat when rinsing the mouth, is the fast broken and have to be made up again? What If one uses mouthwash rather than water?
If one swallows the water in the said case unintentionally, then based on an obligatory precaution he must repeat the fast. He does not have to pay kaffarah. The same is the case in using mouthwash.