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Islamic Laws Simplified - Lost Persons and Property   Islamic Laws Simplified - Hunting And Slaughtering   Can a man wear fake gold jewelry, like rings? Answer: It is permissible for men to wear fake gold jewelry, as long as wearing such jewelry is not feminization.  

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Muslims Guide: Guidance and Edicts

General advice of his Eminence for expatriates and specific rulings in a question answer format about various issues that affect their daily lives.
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Jurisprudence of Human Cloning

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Who is the most leading and knowledgeable Jurist (Marja) currently?
One can refer to the trusted experts who possess the scientific ability to determine the most knowledgeable in deriving the religious rulings and the most understanding of the religious texts.
If the body of the deceased is crooked, is it necessary to straighten his body and legs for burial, or do we bury him the way he is?
If his body is bent like that permanently in such a way that it cannot be placed straight, then it is not obligatory to straighten the body.
Is it permissible to get my nose or lip pierced?
Based on an obligatory precaution, it is impermissible to cause a major harm to ones body. If this does not cause a severe harm then it is permissible. In any case, we advise you to refrain from doing such things, as it is an act of frivolity. If it encourages misguidance then it becomes prohibited.