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Is it allowed to prostrate on glass as it is extracted from sand and is not edible or wearable? Answer: It is not permissible to prostrate on glass.  

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In Dhuhr and Asr prayers, are we allowed to recite the “Bismillah” in the first two rakats loudly?
It is recommended to recite the "Bismillah" in a loud voice in the said case.
While praying, is it permissible to perform prostration on the agate (aqeeq) of the ring you are wearing in case a turbah is not available?
It is not sufficient to prostrate on the agate based on an obligatory precaution. When one loses the prostration clay (the turbah) during the prayer, one can cut the prayer, look for something else to be prostrated upon and repeat the prayer.
If I have a wound which has not healed and is still bleeding, what should I do when I perform prayers?
As long as the wound has not healed, the blood, which naturally flows from the wound, is exempted from the general rule of taharah during the prayer, so you may offer his prayers in such a state. If you touched the wound with your hand, and it becomes najis with blood, you must purify it before offering the prayer.