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I performed Umra al-Tamattu and after the Tawaf I took the exit after the Black Stone thinking that I can turn left to go to the Maqam to offer the Prayer of Tawaf. Because of the crowd I was unable to do so and I performed the prayer at the place of Saee and continued to undertake the Saee and Taqseer. I returned the next day and repeated the Prayer of Tawaf behind the Maqam. Is my Umra in order and can I continue with Hajj?
If the Saee and Taqseer were done with the belief that they are correct according to him, then this is sufficient in their correctness. It is sufficient in the prayer of Tawaf that it was made up as Qadha within the Mosque the next day.
If a person indulges in back-biting and slandering his co-workers with his superiors with the intention to be in his seniors’ good books so that he gets a promotion, is this permissible and is his income lawful?
It is prohibited to backbite and make accusations against believers, but this does not make the salary unlawful.
If a Shia Muslim employer is paying low salaries to his employees irrespective of status or rank, and it is lower than the market rate, is this permissible? If a person is promoted to a higher rank, but his salary remains the same, is this permissible? If an employee bears this injustice against him, will he be rewarded for his forbearance, or should he beg and demand for his rightful salary according to market rate? If the employee speaks with his parents, relatives and friends about the situat
It is not prohibited for the employer to pay his employees less than the market rate salary, if the employees agree to the wages, as they have the option to accept or reject the job. If a believer is patient in the times of hardships and misfortunes, then he will be rewarded for it, God willing. But if one can get a better job, but decided to be patient in staying on the current low-salary job, then we cannot be certain that he will be rewarded. If he explained his situation to others without