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Kindly suggest a reference book regarding the names of the children of 12 Imams?
“Omdatul Talib fi Ansab Aal Abi Talib” is a famous book that specializes in the lineage of Sayyids from the descendants of the Imams (peace be upon them).
Can a man marry temporarily an unmarried Muslim girl if she is not virgin? If he does so without the father’s permission, is it regarded as adultery?
Yes, it is permissible as long as she is not virgin. If the marriage is invalid but the individual was not aware of its invalidity, it is not considered as adultery.
A man had agreed to marry his daughter in temporary marriage to someone with the condition that they will not have sexual intercourse. What if the couple get a strong urge to have sexual intercourse and also know that they cannot ask the girl’s father for permission because they know that he won’t permit it, what are the couple supposed to do in that case?
It is not permissible to consummate the marriage without the permission of the father. If it did happen, then it is unlawful.