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A man contracted temporary marriage. His wife became pregnant. During this period, he contracted permanent marriage with the same woman. Is this permanent marriage valid?
As long as the marriage duration has not ended, permanent marriage is not valid. She is still his wife by the temporary marriage. If this marriage expires or he ends it by forgoing the rest of the duration, then they can conduct a permanent marriage with the fulfillment of the rest of the conditions.
Can I divorce my wife based on the fact that I do not like her or should there be other reasons? Please advise.
The divorce is the right of the husband. In order to be fair, one should not choose it unless there is a need for it. It is better to try to fix the relationship with the wife as much as possible since a divorced woman is subjected to the social and psychological harm more than a divorced man.
If I see a pious brother almost rarely fall into a sin, excepting the odd occasion of backbiting, is it still permissible for me to pray behind him? If not, when can I consider him as having repented and pray behind him?
If the Adil believer has committed a sin and it is known that he did it because of disobedience, then the prayer behind him is invalid, unless it is know that he repented to Almighty Allah from such a sin or he repented from committing all sins. If it is probable that the believer had a religious excuse when he committed what appeared to be a sin, then his Adalah remains, for instance, when he backbites against a person and it is probable that the latter oppressed the believer or was openly com