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As a new revert, I have not memorized the recitations required for daily prayers. Is it allowed to read from a piece of paper until I can recite? Answer: Yes, the said is permissible.  

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When calculating the worth of the items that I own for the purposes of establishing the amount of khums due, do I take into consideration its value at the end of the khums fiscal year, or the price I paid for it?
Khums is payable on those items which have remained unused until the end of the khums fiscal year. The amount payable is based on the value at the end of the khums fiscal year.
Can you explain to me what is the method of determining what is an innovations (bidaat) in religion?
The innovation in religion is relating what is not part of the religion to it, like for example the prayers of Taraweeh, since the supererogatory prayer is not legislated to be offered in congregation. Offering it in such a way is considered as innovation in religion.
I attend an office of one of my Muslim friends, where there is a person who serves coffee and does the cleaning tasks at the office. I am not sure if he is a Muslim or not. Can I drink from the coffee he serves?
It is permissible to drink the coffee, as long as there is a reasonable possibility that the coffee is Tahir.