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Is it allowed to deliver confectionery products containing alcohol? Answer: It is permissible to do so.   The Visit of Believers from New Zealand and Australia   

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Is it necessary for a Shia to wash the corpse of a Shia?
Yes, it is necessary for the Shia deceased to be given the ghusl by a Shia; if that is not possible and a Muslim that does not follow the path of the Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them) is the only choice, then based on an obligatory precaution he should perform the ghusl himself and then do the ghusl on the deceased.
If a woman obtains Khula divorce from the court, without the pronouncing of the formula of divorce, is such a divorce valid?
The said is not sufficient in the establishing of any divorce, including Khula divorce; the religiously-prescribed formula (Seeghah) is necessary in addition to the fulfillment of other conditions of such divorce which are mentioned in the books of Islamic laws.
I understand from the books of His Eminence that the buyer and seller in a transaction have to be adults (baligh). Does this mean that parents cannot send their children to the store to buy something? Or children in school cannot buy food from the cafeteria?
It is permissible for the child to buy or sell if it was with the consent of the guardian.