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Islamic Laws Simplified - Divorce   Islamic Laws Simplified - Oaths, Vows and Covenants   Is it allowed to look at cartoons of imaginary women? In particular, indecent cartoons of scantily dressed women? Answer: It is not permissible to do so with desire.  

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If while one is looking at pictures or videos of his wife that are sexually arousing, his body subconsciously begins to slightly move around and exert efforts to ejaculate by, for example, putting slight internal pressure on his private to release. Is such an act permissible? Or is it tantamount to masturbation?
It is not permissible to move the sexual organ using hands or any other means. It is permissible to view videos or pictures of the wife that cause sexual arousal.
What is the wisdom behind having so many Marjas instead of just having one?
Referring to the religious jurists in finding the rulings of the Sharia is one of concepts which have certain limitations and conditions, for which one must refer to the religious legislator, Almighty Allah. The religious texts explain the general qualities of the scholars whom one should refer to. This concept was implemented during the time of the Imams (peace be upon them) themselves, who guided the believers to refer to certain scholars amongst the disciples in various parts of the Muslim wo
Is it permissible for me to give preference to practicing believers especially men having a beard and women observing hijab in marriage of self and kindred?
Some of the narrations indicate that some of the main characteristics that should be sought in a spouse is good ethical values and religiousness. The religious appearances like having a beard and performing the prayers, and the observance of hijab for a woman, may not be sufficient indications to prove that.