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When it is said that military music is permitted, what does this mean? Answer: What is meant by this is the music that is not for amusement and does not cause rapture.  

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In order to calculate the khums at the end of the fiscal year, do I consider the money or savings which I have earned only a few weeks ago and which have remained unspent?
Yes, the unspent savings and monies at the end of the khums fiscal year should be considered, whether that money was with you throughout the whole year or you just received it.
Is it permissible for a man to attend mixed-gender swimming pools, particularly if each individual is swimming in separated tracks back and forth?
Swimming for men, in itself, is permissible; however, these places are one of the reasons of falling into committing sins usually, unless the individual attends during the times when women do not attend.
In the West dating is very common. Is it acceptable to date a woman if such meetings are arranged under a contract of temporary marriage? For example, if the dower is my payment for dinner or watching a movie, and we confirm a set period for the marriage, is it permissible?
Yes, it is permissible, as long as both parties understand this to be a temporary marriage contract.