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I want to start a business to sell motorcycles, I will offer the option for the customers to buy in installments over a set period of months, and the total sum received in installments will be more than the cash price. Will the extra amount be considered as usury? What is the case if I allow the deferment of the payment to a later time, similarly for a higher price than the immediate cash price?
If the contract is based on delaying the payment of the price, even if the total installments amount to more than the cash price, it is valid and it is not considered as usury or interest. In addition, it is permissible to receive the total payment at the end of a designated period.
If the inheritance of a deceased person is to be divided between his sons and daughters, how is it divided? Does the daughter get her share from the land and buildings, or just the buildings?
The inheritance should be divided in a way that each daughter has half the amount of each son. The daughters inherit from the land and buildings, similar to the sons. However, the widowed wife does not inherit from the land.
If one doubts whether the animal was slaughtered correctly or not, can he buy its meat and eat it?
If one doubts whether the animal was slaughtered in the religious correct way when purchasing the meat from a Muslim, then it is permissible to assume that it is slaughtered correctly. Yes, if he knew that the meat sold by a Muslim is not slaughtered in accordance to the religious teachings, then it is not permissible for him to buy it or consume it.