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Islamic Laws Simplified - Sharecropping Contracts (Muzaraah And Musaqaah)   Islamic Laws Simplified - Borrowing   If on the first night of marriage the wife is having menstruation period, is sex forbidden? Answer: It is prohibited to have sexual intercourse in the time of menstruation. Other sexual activities are permissible.  

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At times I am plagued by doubts and uncertainty, and wonder if it would be possible for you to advise me of a duaa from the Imams (peace be upon them) to remove doubts that I have?
The best way to avoid doubts is to ignore them. It has been narrated that a person will not be held accountable because of excessive doubts. A believer should not pay attention to doubts as doing so is considered as a decrease in one’s faith.
Is it permissible to change my mind and break the fast during a make up fast of Ramadhan before noon?
It is permissible to break the fast before Dhuhr time during the make up fast of Ramadhan.
If a person committed major sins like adultery, theft and lying but he asks sincerely the forgiveness from Almighty Allah, will his sins be pardoned and can he lead the prayers as an imam?
If repentance was sincere then the attribute of Adaleh is returned and one can follow him in the prayer.