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If I am on a website such as Facebook or Youtube and see some people talking badly about a Shia brother, am I obligated to post something to defend him? Or is it only recommended?
It is better to defend the said person if it is considered as defeating oppression or propagating the true religion.
A person is a tenant of a property owned by a Shia Waqf organization. That person refuses to pay the agreed rent amount. Can such a person offer prayers in his house where the arrears are still outstanding and are such prayers valid?
If the said property is used by a person without paying its due rent then he is considered as a ghasib (usurper) and the prayer in such a place – if he is attentive of the fact that it is prohibited – is void.
What should be the minimum distance between two mosques where Friday Prayers is being performed? Is this distance for Friday prayers according to the routes or by the actual distance between the two points?
The minimum distance between two mosques where Friday prayers are offered is one farsakh which is about six kilometers, and it is measured by the routes available between the two mosques if they are usual. If the route between them is longer than mentioned distance in an unusual way – for instance, if a natural barrier like a river is between the two mosques and an unusual detour is required to reach the other mosque – then this is not a sufficient distance.