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What is the opinion of his eminence with respect to the Friday prayer in North America and South America? Answer: If one decides to offer the Friday prayer in these two continents, as an obligatory precaution he should also offer the Dhuhr prayer.   The Visit of the Ambassador of Japan and a number of intellectuals and researchers   

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Is it allowed to resort to law enforcement authorities or the courts in a non-Muslim country if there is a conflict between two Muslims and there is no sharia court in the country, or where the sharia court has no legal validity for the country?
It is not permissible to refer for judgment from other than the Adil Mujtahids who base their verdicts on the laws of the sharia. In such conflicts between Muslims, one should suggest to the opposing party to refer to the religious authority, the Mujtahid, to resolve the conflict. If the opponent refuses, and the only way to obtain one’s rights is through the courts of the land, then it is permissible to do so. The parties of a conflict can also settle it by referring to a third party after t
Is it permissible to work in determining the eligibility of customers to take out mortgage loans from various lending companies? Is the income of such an employee who deals in such a way with interest-based loans considered lawful?
It is prohibited to draft or write the contract for the loan agreement that involves interest or to do anything that is related to it, like calculating the balance of what the client owes. It is permissible to work in determining the eligibility of the customer to take the loan.
I started working on December last year, and got my first pay around January this year. I tried saving since then but did not have much and I am not sure if any money remained for a full year or not. I began saving again last year in August and now I do have savings. Shall I consider August as my Khums year-end or January?
The beginning of the khums fiscal year is the day one makes a profit, even when he was a child. Based on this, it does not matter when you started your work. Since you do not know this day, you should set the khums fiscal year by reconciliation (Musalahah) with the Marja’ or his agent.