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Islamic Laws Simplified - Entrusted Custody   Islamic Laws Simplified - Joint Ownership (Shirkah)   If one passes wind while performing Ghusl, is it necessary to repeat the Ghusl or is the Ghusl still correct? Answer: It is permissible to finish the Ghusl, although it is better to repeat it, and he should perform the Wudhu before offering the prayer.  

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Can the following deeds be considered disrespectful to the Infallibles (Peace be upon them) if they are done on the day of martyrdom/death of any one of them? 1. Talking, laughing with friends and family members. 2. Purchasing a new thing for myself or family. 3. Eating some special food. 4. Doing business or going to work. 5. Going to a doctor for a check-up or going to a laboratory for a test or starting a medical treatment. 6. Playing a game like cricket, hockey etc. 7. Asking an ordin
It was reported in some authentic narrations of the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them) the emphasis on crying, showing sadness and grief for Imam Hussein (peace be upin him) and establishing the mourning ceremonies for his tragedy and refraining from eating or drinking on the day of Ashura - without the intention of fasting - and breaking it with little water and food after noon. It was reported also to refrain from going out for regular needs on such occasions. It was also reported that whoever go
If during Iddat both husband and wife start talking to each other over the phone, will it count as Ruju and has the marriage been reinstated?
The telephone conversation is not considered as a “return” unless their conversation included statements that refer to the resumption of the marriage; if it did, the wife is returned to the ties of marriage.
Is it permissible to ascribe associates to the personality of God, His attributes, the requirements of His attributes (what the attributes demand from us) with the intention of supplicating to the 14 Infallibles (Peace be upon them)?
Seeking intercession of the Prophet and the Imams (peace be upon them) is not a kind of polytheism. It is one of the best forms of worship, since it includes presenting the request to Almighty Allah and submitting to His lordship, as all things are under His control “His verily is all creation and commandment" (7:54). In this seeking of intercession, there is the submitting of the high positions of His friends that He has chosen and this is one of the signs of faith. There are many proofs e