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Islamic Laws Simplified - Usurpation   Islamic Laws Simplified - Revival of Deserted Land   Is it sufficient in ghusl to wash head, then body only once or do we need to wash it thrice? Answer: It is sufficient to wash once, starting from the head.  

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If while fasting I recite a famous supplication or ziyara regarding which I am not certain of its authenticity, or while reciting it I have a bit of doubt concerning if some of the things I am saying is true, does this break my fast? Also, if while reading Quran or supplication or ziyara I make a mistake such that I accidentally say something incorrect about almighty Allah, the Prophet or the Imams (peace be upon them all), does this break my fast?
Fasting is not broken by such acts.
Is it permissible to marry a girl temporarily, who tells me that her parents allow her to date men, which essentially means that her parents allow her to have physical relationships with them? Can I consider this as permission from her father and engage in intercourse with her?
It is permissible to marry a virgin temporarily and consummate the marriage if her father made her in charge of her marriage.
My gums are very sensitive and they bleed quite easily. For example when eating a sandwich or other foods, I notice blood on the food from my gums. When brushing my teeth it bleeds quite a lot and it is time-consuming trying to purify it. So what is the ruling on blood from the gums? Is it najis? Does it make food najis?
Yes, the said blood is Najis, and you can remove the part of the sandwich that was contaminated with blood and eat the rest. The blood inside the mouth is Tahir but it is impermissible to swallow it.