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Is it permissible to enter into a temporary marriage contract with a woman who is in her iddah period if they place a condition on the marriage that they will not have sex until the iddah is finished?
It is not permissible to enter into a marriage contract with a woman during her waiting period even if they included a condition in the contact not to consummate the marriage.
Is my husband allowed to forbid me from contacting to my family if he has a problem with them, as this is difficult for me?
You do not have to obey him in this issue unless your contact involves leaving the house without his permission or the usage of a means of communication that belongs to him. However, it is better to convince him, for example, by using the help of people that are close to him.
I am getting to know a girl, who I feel I would like to get married to. However, I would like to get to know her more first. Is she allowed to spend a whole day with me?
It is permissible for the man to talk to a non Mahram woman but this might encourage him to commit sins, like looking at her with enjoyment and desire. Spending long periods of time together could lead to social problems, like making people talking about your relationship or the parents of the girl not being pleased with this. For these reasons, we advise you to correspond with her parents in giving you the chance to get to know her in order to avoid falling into such mistakes.