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Islamic Laws Simplified - Restriction In Disposal (Hajr)   Islamic Laws Simplified - Dispute Resolution   At what age am I allowed to have a girlfriend? Answer: It is not permissible to have a relation between the male and the female unless there is a religious marriage contract with its specific conditions.  

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There are two traditions that I have come across, and I would like to know which books they can be found in, and which of the Sunni books have reported them: 1. Innal Husayn Misbahul Huda wa Safinatun Najaa 2. Al-Husayn Minniy wa Ana Minal Husayn.
The first narration is narrated in the book al-Maqtal authored by Al-Turayhi who narrated it from Ubay bin Kaab. The content of the said narration, i.e. that Hussein is a light of guidance to the truth and whoever follows him will be saved from misguidance, is one of those concepts that is found in many narrations about the Ahlulbait, like the tradition of al-Thaqalain and the tradition of al-Safeenah and others. The second tradition is narrated in many Sunni and Shia sources of narrations; Ahm
I took a Khula divorce and a subsequent court divorce due to severe domestic violence. I have had no physical relationship with my ex-husband for more than two years. I have already had two menstrual cycles since the Khula. Is Iddat obliged on me?
The commencement of the Iddat is from the time of the divorce until she sees the third menstrual period. She must observe this Iddat period if the marriage was consummate.
What do you have to say about “Nadi Ali” that involves calling on Imam Ali (peace be upon him)?
The said is not a supplication to Imam Ali (peace be upon him) in the place of supplicating to Almighty Allah. Rather, it is seeking intercession from Imam Ali (peace be upon him) with the permission of Allah. So it is permissible; rather, it shows the recognition of the Godly power, as well as an expression of the belief in the Wilayah of the Imam and his high position to Almighty Allah.