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Islamic Laws Simplified - Compensation of Bodily Harm   Can a wife divorce her husband due to his infertility, without his consent? Answer: She can ask him to divorce her; she cannot divorce herself.  

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When urinating a thick liquid resembling semen exits, without sexual excitement, bodily weakness and such, so I am not sure whether it is semen or not. Will this be considered as semen?
It is not obligatory to consider it to be semen in the said case.
If one has recited the third testimony of the wilayah of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) in the tashahhud of every prayer, have his prayer become invalid? Does it make a difference if this was out of ignorance, or whether it was believed to be obligatory or recommended?
Intentionally reciting the third testimony during the tashahhud makes the prayer void, since it is not amongst the divinely-authorized words that are allowed to be recited in the prayer. If he was unaware of the said ruling, his previous prayers are valid; also, they are valid if he recited it believing it to be recommended.
If someone has a bandage on his wound, how can he perform wudhū? Can tayammum be performed instead?
If the bandaging is tāhir and its size was usual for the wound, then it is sufficient in the correctness of wudhū and ghusl to wipe over it. One cannot perform tayammum in this case.