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A father died, leaving behind his two daughters and a son as inheritors. One daughter told her brother that she will not want her share. After several years, the daughter demands her share from her brother. Does she have the right to it now?
If she gave her share to her brother and he received it, then she cannot claim the given share back for herself. If she did not give it to him but only promised him that she will give him her share, then she is allowed to change her mind; the same ruling applies if she gave her share to him but he did not receive it.
Can we enter a new temporary marriage contract before the end of the current one? Can we waive the current time period remaining and then enter into a new contract?
If the two parties wanted to renew the contact before its time ends, the husband should forgo the remaining time and there are no specific set words for that.
After passing of stool, if it is removed with kurr water, must the area be washed again with kurr water? Or is it considered pure as soon as it is removed?
Yes, it is sufficient.